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How do I register on giriasindia.com?

You can register at giriasindia.com by following any one of the following simple ways:-


By clicking Register on Home page.


Simply enter your "Email Address", create and confirm a "Password" to create your GIRIAS INDIA online account

After filling these mandatory fields, just click on "Proceed" to finish your Registration

Register while you shop for first time on giriasindia.com


While you confirm your order in GIRIAS INDIA's shopping cart, click on "Checkout" to proceed to the Email Login page

On the Email Login page, enter your "Email Address" which you wish to keep for GIRIAS INDIA online account and click on "Proceed" to register

The password for your GIRIAS INDIA online account will be sent to you through email. To change your password, please see "My Account" after Login


What if I forget my account password, or wish to change it?

If you forget your GIRIAS INDIA online account password, just follow these simple steps:-


Click Login on Home page.

Enter your email address in the Login box and click on "Forgot Password" tab. You would now be sent a dummy password.

Please use this dummy password at Login to visit your Account. Once logged in you can change your password from "My Account".

If you wish to change your GIRIAS INDIA online account password, please follow these simple steps:-


Click Login on Home page.

Visit the "My Account" page from the top of the website.

You can now change your password by providing details, "Email Address", "Password", New Password" and "Confirm New Password".


Can I change my account email id?

Unfortunately, the email id of your GIRIAS INDIA online account cannot be changed once you have registered with us using the same.


How do I shop for an item on giriasindia.com?

Shopping at giriasindia.com is very easy. Once you click on "Add to cart" for the product you wish to purchase, follow these steps:-


Enter the Pin code of the address you wish to ship on the Pin code check page and click on "Proceed" to continue.

You would be taken to the Email login page if your delivery location is currently serviceable by us. Enter your Login details as requested and click on "Proceed" to go to your shipping details page.

On the Shipping Information page, enter the details of your delivery address and click on "Dispatch to this address" to see your order summary.

On the Order summary page, if the details are as per your expectations, click on "Proceed to payment" to go to Payment Information page.

On the payment page, choose a suitable payment option from Credit card, Debit card and Net banking. Click on "Pay now" after filling your payment details and confirm your payment.

Once your order has been placed, you will receive order details on website, email, and sms.


Can I book multiple orders at once?

Sure! Multiple orders can be booked at one single time by simply adding them to your shopping cart. However, each order booked is subject to your delivery Pin Code being serviced by our delivery partners.


Why am I not able to get my product shipped to my location?

It is our endeavor to service all deliverable locations in India. However, your Pin Code may not support delivery because of the following reasons


Your pin code may not be currently serviced by our delivery partners

Our nearest Distribution centre may have run out of stock for your desired product


How do I know that my order is confirmed?

As soon as you place your order, You would receive an order confirmation mail from us with your order and shipping details

Also, track your order through your ‘My Account’ page when you log into www.giriasindia.com


Can I order any number of quantities of a particular item?

Of course! You can order any number of quantities for a particular item. The order limit, however, will be subject to the availability of stock at the time of placing the order.


How many days does it take to ship my order?

We will ship your order within 10-15 working days from the date of placing the order. For more information, please see Shipping information

How to we ship the items?

How will the delivery be don

All orders are delivered through our reputed courier service partners.


Are there any shipping charges?

 Do we charge shipping charges?

We offer FREE SHIPPING for all our products.


Does giriasindia.com deliver outside India?

Do we deliver outside India?

No. Unfortunately, we do not deliver outside India at the moment. However, you are more than welcome to make your purchases from anywhere in the world, but please ensure the delivery address is within India.


Can I buy online and pick delivery from the nearest GIRIAS INDIA store?

Is Store Pickup Option Available?



Can I cancel an order?

Yes, you can cancel or return a home delivery order

  • You can cancel the order but a 2% cancellation charge would be levied which are the charges that bank charge us.
  • Your return request will be processed once your order is in ‘Delivery in Progress’ stage. Once you receive the order you can return it within 15days from the date of receipt. In case it is defective, damaged, dead on arrival or what you have ordered is what you have not get.


Whom do I call for clarification?

Call our Customer Care Helpline on +914426223633.


How can I cancel or return an order at giriasindia.com?

Call our Customer Care Helpline on +914426223633.


How will I be reimbursed for the products I have cancelled or returned?

All the payment reversals or refunds will be completed as per our Cancellations policy. The amount to be refunded will be processed to your bank account/card account within 7 working days. The payment will however reach your bank account based on your individual banks payment reversal processing timeline.


Till what duration of days can I return my order?

If you wish to return your home delivery order and claim a refund, you can raise a request from the time your order has been placed up to 15days after the order has been delivered to your place.

Is there any cancellation charges?


Are there charges for order cancellation or return?

Currently there are 2% cancellation charges for any order cancelled.


Which orders are covered under 'Return Policy' of giriasindia.com?

Currently, home delivery orders placed on www.giriasindia.com are covered under returns policy. For more details please check our Terms & Conditions page.


Can I return an order at the GIRIAS INDIA store?

No, currently we do not have a provision for you to return your order at GIRIAS INDIA store.


Can I replace a purchased item?

Yes, you can get your order replaced if the purchased product you receive is in a damaged/not working condition.

For more details please see Terms & Conditions.


Can I return or replace an item which I have bought at GIRIAS INDIA store?

Unfortunately, at giriasindia.com we can process only online orders.

However for store queries, kindly reach us at +914426223633

If I am returning an item, do I also have to return free item received along with it?

All the free gifts, packaging material, and supporting accessories would have to be returned along with the product.

In case you do not wish to return the free item, then a part of amount corresponding to the value of that gift item would be deducted from the total amount.

Can I Purchase in EMI option?


How do I make a payment using credit card EMI option?

Once you've added the desired items into your cart, proceed to checkout as usual. The cart value should be above Rs. 2,500.
When prompted to choose a 'Payment Option', select 'Credit Card (EMI)'. Choose the bank and plan (3, 6, 9 or 12-month) of your choice and enter your credit card details. Once the payment is authorized, your order will be processed and shipped. You will need to pay the total amount, in the pre-determined number of instalments, as per your credit card billing cycles.

Please note that the full amount will be charged on your card the day of the transaction. Within 7 days, you will see a credit for the full amount. The first EMI charge will occur subsequently. If your card's billing date falls within those 7 working days, you need to pay only the EMI amount to the bank. Such EMI transactions are at the discretion of your credit card issuing bank. If you have any queries about the EMI plan, we suggest you contact your bank before placing the order.


How can I make payment?

How do I make payment on giriasindia.com?

Currently, payment can be made through the following modes:-

  • Credit Card
  • Debit Card (including Maestro cards)
  • Net Banking
  • EMI


Will my bank details be stored by GIRIAS INDIA?

No, as per our policy we do not store any bank details of a customer.


Do you accept International cards?

Yes, we are accepting International credit cards.

Can I purchase on COD?

Do you provide Cash On Delivery (COD) payment option? How can I buy using COD option?

Yes, giriasindia.com offers an option to pay Cash on Delivery for your orders.

Here are steps to place an order using Cash On Delivery option:

  • You can select 'Cash on Delivery' option while placing the order for orders from Rs.200-Rs.5000.
  • Once the order is verified within 24 hours, your order will be automatically placed and an email/sms will be sent to you.
  • On receiving your consignment, please pay the invoice amount in cash to the courier delivery person.

What are the Terms & Conditions for Cash On Delivery (COD) payment?

  • All items priced between Rs.200-Rs.5000 are valid for order by Cash-on-Delivery. Add the item(s) to your cart and proceed to checkout
  • When prompted to choose a Payment Option, select "Pay By Cash-on-Delivery"
  • Once verified and confirmed shipment to be processed in the time specified, from the date of confirmation.
  • You will be required to make a Cash payment to our Courier Partner, only at the time of delivery of your order.
  • Please make ONLY Cash Payment at the time of delivery and do NOT offer cheque or DD to the courier staff
  • Your delivery address should be under serviceable network of our courier partner. Please enter the correct pin code to ensure delivery.
  • Your total purchase value/ transaction value should not exceed INR 30,000/- .
  • Please do NOT pay for any additional charges, i.e. octroi etc. to courier staff. Your invoice amount is inclusive of all charges.
  • If you want to cancel the order, please do so by calling at our call center +914426223633 or when our executive calls you up for the order verification.
  • Once an order is delivered it cannot be returned/cancelled in case of any defect/damage in transit it could only be replaced.
  • We would only be returning the product in case we run out of stock and the remittance would be done via cheque which would be delivered at the address customer has put at the time of placing the order within 15 days.


Why can't I see the Cash On Delivery(COD) option on the payment page?

We appreciate your business with us and try our best to ensure that you have a hassle free experience while shopping from giriasindia.com. This is one of the key reasons that we provide you the "Cash on Delivery" option so that you can shop with complete peace of mind. However in order to prevent fraudulent transactions we have been forced to put in certain checks to qualify a COD purchase. These are as follows:

  • If your Order amount is greater than Rs. 5000, Cash On delivery option is disabled.
  • If the address is not serviceable for Cash on Delivery by our courier partners.
  • If you are trying to place an order whose amount when summed with previous COD pending payments exceeds the COD threshold of Rs 5,000, then COD option will be disabled.
  • If your Order falls within the purview of our fraud checks, then COD option will be disabled.


Why are prices different for same item for different delivery locations?

Prices for products are same for all locations.


Are the prices displaced on website same to GIRIAS INDIA store prices?

Prices on the GIRIAS INDIA website may be different than outlets as they may have different promotions exclusively for online customers.


Are there additional discounts available on bulk purchase?

Currently, we do not offer bulk purchase discounts on our website. For bulk/ corporate purchases please contact our institutional business team at [email protected]


How can I contact for queries regarding my online orders on GIRIAS INDIA?

If you have any queries, kindly reach us on our toll free Customer Care Helpline +914426223633 or mail us at [email protected].


How can I contact for GIRIAS INDIA store related queries?

For any queries related to GIRIAS INDIA store, we request you to contact us on +914426223633 (9am-6pm)